Novelty Wax Melts

Willy Wax Melts
      Novelty Rude Wax Melts & More      

Beautiful Wax Melts In many shapes, Fragrances & Colours with same day dispatch if ordered before 5pm Mon - Fri
Many lovely fragrances in my shop!

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Highly Fragranced Novelty Wax Melts

Glitter, Rainbow willy willies Wax Melts

Tit Boob Wax Melts x9

Wax Melt Gift Set

Red Heart Wax Melts

12 mini Green Cactus Wax Melts

Rude Wax Melt Sets

Summer Surprise Wax melts x 8.

Sparkly Wax Melt Snap Bars 50g

Wax Melt Gift Set

Marble Effect Wax Melts x9

Halloween Body Part Wax Melts

Glitter Knobs Willy Wax Melts x10

Willies Bums N Boob Wax Melts

Pink Flamingo Wax Melts. x6

Red Willy Wax Melts x6

Cream willy Wax Melts

1oz Wax Melt Pots

Halloween Green Willy Wax Melts

Knobs Arses, Tits

Boob Dick Natural Look Wax Melts

Knobs Arses Tits x9 Wax Melts

Favour bags x3

Tit Boob Wax Melts x9

Heart Wax Melts x15

Red Christmas Wax Melts x10

Red Christmas Wax Melts x6

Pink Bum and Willy Surprise Mix

Christmas Wax Melt Assortment x6

Pink willy Wax Melts. x6

Willy Bum giftset wax melts x32

Halloween Pink willy Wax Melts

Pink Bum Bottom Wax Melts

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